The Timoney Group

An information consultancy
based in Denver, Colorado

About The Timoney Group

Headed up by Brian Timoney, The Timoney Group has served clients in the energy, defense, and public sectors for over a decade.

With particular expertise in the geospatial industry, Brian has spoken at conferences such as FOSS4G, Where 2.0, and ESRI PUG. Additionally he provides commentary on the mapping industry, visualization, and data management at MapBrief™.com

For larger projects we team with other technical shops as well as draw upon our network of Front Range programmers and full-stack engineers.

What We Can Do For You

♦  Data Engineering / ETL

♦  Spatial & Statistical Analysis

♦  Visualization & Mapping

♦  Data-centric Business Strategy

Contact The Timoney Group

Email for general inquiries:

Mailing address:
191 University Blvd #548
Denver, CO 80206

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